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Founder and C.E.O. Stephany Sturrock:


Est. 2009



Trying to find the right contractors to get the job done can be challenging. We understand the headache of choosing the right team. One wrong move can cost you time, money, legal hassles and even your business's reputation.



You deserve to work with a team that can take your project to the finish line - quickly, safely and properly!



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We work aggressively with clients to ensure that the completion of your project is on schedule and under budget.  


We Provide Solutions For:

  • Earthmoving

  • Road Construction

  • Land Development

  • Erosion/Sediment Control

  • Grading

  • Underground/Utilities

  • Water

  • Sewer

  • Storm Drainage

Competitive Pricing 

We guarantee competitive pricing through extensive resources, quality full-service work, and customer satisfaction. 


Completed Projects:

Prairie Line Trail Construction

  • Prairie Line Trail

  • VA Hospital

  • Seattle Ballard Locks

  • WAS Pipeline Replacement

  • Shelton WCC Emergency

  • CCB 1st & 2nd Flr 945 Bldg

  • UP Irrigation Well

  • Sound Transit Maintenance Facility 

  • Renton Memorial Stadium

  • Walmart-Longview

  • Cascade Bldg Repair

  • Puyallup River

  • Puyallup HS 

Current Projects:


  • MATTOCK-Repair Well Draining Systems

  • Logistics-Fuel Stations-JBLM

  • Corr of Engineers-Yakima Training Center

  • Staintain Court


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